Your Lakewood Sprinkler Repair Team

Lakewood ca sprinkler repair services

With the conservations efforts going on, wasting water is not only hard on the wallet but on our water supply. If you have broken sprinklers or part of your irrigation needs to be adjusted, we can help. We have been providing professional sprinkler repair in Lakewood Ca for 30 years. No matter if you have one sprinkler head that snapped off, or your system needs a new set of valves, we are ready to help.

Sometimes you may not see a huge spout of water water shooting up through your lawn, but rather your landscaping has dead and dry spots. Let us troubleshoot your irrigation system and put a plan together to get your yard back on track. Please contact us with any irrigation problems you have.

Irrigation Repairs Done Right

Most of your irrigation system is buried underneath the grass and planters of your landscape. This means that when sprinkler repair issues pop up, knowing where to look is key to getting it fixed fast. 

With our long history of irrigation repairs, we know how to troubleshoot your system without needing to dig up random parts of your landscaping. This means a faster repair time without distributing your lawn. If you live or work in Lakewood and need professional sprinkler help, please call us at 562-428-3134

Drip Systems Save Water & Money

Lakewood Ca sprinkler repair and service

Do you have planted areas that could benefit from installing a water efficient drip system? We can help re-design your existing sprinkler system and modify the right areas to included a drip system.

This allows focused water to feed the plants without all the waste you see when spraying the typical pattern of sprinklers in the grass areas of your landscape. Plus, these irrigation improvements mean that your landscaping will thrive while you save money due to lowering your actual water usage. It's a win for your wallet, the City of Lakewood and your landscape.

Here are other Lakewood sprinkler repair & installation services we provide:

  • Sprinkler pipe leak and fix services
  • Installation and upgrading of landscape timers
  • Update and change broken sprinkler heads
  • System design and additions 
  • Commercial & Residential service

Need Sprinkler System Help Now?

If you need help with your landscape now, or are planning for an upcoming landscape project, please contact us and share your irrigation concept with us. We can help share ideas that will not only save you time, but streamline the installation or repair time.

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